Power Cell POWER Cell

ETI58253172 F20B


This specification defines the characteristics of a rechargeable lithium ion battery manufactured by ENERTECH INTERNATIONAL INC.


Nominal Capacity20.0 Ah
Energy DensityVolumetric258 Wh/ℓ
Gravimetric137 Wh/㎏
Weight≤ 470 g
Nominal Voltage3.20 V
Operating Voltage RangeMax.3.65 V
Min.2.50 V
Standard CurrentCharge60.0 A
Discharge60.0 A
Maximum CurrentCharge110.0 A
Discharge220.0 A
Peak Discharge330.0 A (5.0C)
Internal Resistance< 2.0mΩ
Operating TemperatureCharge0°С ~ 55°С
Discharge-20°С ~ 55°С
Recommend25 ± 3℃
Storage Temperature< 1 month-20°С ~ 55°С
< 1 year0℃ ~ 25℃
Storage Humidity45 ~ 85%RH
Cell DimensionsThickness5.8mm +0.2mm.-0.4mm
Width253mm ± 1mm
Length172mm ± 1mm